An Intro to me

pexels-photo-259881.jpeg Most of you who have read my blogs know I love talking about my daughter. I’ve decided to switch gears for a while and write about me. My blog is called “Diary of a Big Sky Momma” after all. The lime light is not exactly where I like to be so this is a bit new for me. Speaking up about my life might do me some good though so here it goes. You see I am very independent and like a drama free zone as much as possible. The less drama the better. Now that I’m a parent that has changed of course. Toddlers can be very dramatic and I have heard it only gets worse 😳 That being said, I need to be the healthiest version of me that I can. Not only to keep up with her ever-growing demands but also to be an example she can look up to.

I tried for two years after her birth to lose the extra pounds with only 10 lost. I felt frustrated and ready to give up. Then my co-workers kept talking about something called Isagenix. This is not a plug as I am not selling for them. Maybe I will in the future if I feel it is truly for me to do. I’ve been on their products for a month now and have lost 16 pounds! No joke! I can’t tell you that it has been easy but I know my health has improved drastically and I hope to keep losing the weight and not gain it back.

My weight has been an issue since I was a preteen. I was size 14 by the time I was 12 years old. I kept growing and was a size 16 by the time I was 13. I stayed that size until I left my parents house at 17 years old. Finally, I  began realizing that I couldn’t eat out all the time and I had to exercise. I tried Tae bo for a couple of years and went down to a size 12 again. I then moved to Montana and went back up to a 16. It happens when you’re single and have many friends that love to eat and drink.

I met my husband the very first day I arrived in Montana in 2005. We started dating about a month later and married 6 months later. I was down to a size 10 when we married. He loves health and his friend’s girlfriend started having me run with her. I teetered between a 10 and 12 for the next 10 years. Then slowly began to let go again. I was back up to 180 pounds by the time Angelica was conceived. I gained 40 pounds with her pregnancy and didn’t exercise hardly at all. Pregnancy is hard especially when summer is right in the middle of it! Outside was like a curse word in my mind. I went out only when absolutely necessary.

I felt hopeless knowing how hard it is to lose weight and depressed at the thought of letting myself get to that point. I now feel happier, stronger, and ready to take on this journey again.  People are starting to notice and I’m getting glances of “How is she doing that?” again. It’s working so I’m going to keep going with it and see what happens. I’ll update the results periodically.

My Isagenix day consists of two Isagenix shakes per day and a lunch of 400-600 calories with portion control. I also exercise on my three days off. I have three because I work ten-hour days. I cleanse every Thursday, a day I work, since it’s ” not one of those cleanses”. Working also keeps my mind off food. I can’t say I love the taste of the products but Pinterest has plenty of tips to help with that.

I believe reducing stress, portion sizes and getting the proper nutrition is key to weight loss. This program covers it all and is scientifically based with no bad ingredients. Hopefully, I’ll keep seeing these results. I think this program plus the added exercises should do the trick. Take care everyone!

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Snow Day


Wow! Really! School announced last night that it will be closed today. Some are arguing that they went to school in much colder conditions and I’m sure grandpa and grandma trudged through 5 feet of snow over mountains and vallies to get there in their day. I say it’s about time though. Other states would close school if there was a few inches on the ground but Montana waits until there is 3 feet and -30 degrees wind chill. We are in the second highest snow fall season on record. 2013 – 2014 was number one when 103.5 inches fell!

Angelica and I are going to spend a couple of minutes outside today to watch bubbles freeze in mid-air. It will be a first for both of us. I have heard that it is quite the site to see. I wasn’t raised here so I didn’t get to experience this yet. I can’t wait to see her face light up. Then we are going to warm up with some yummy hot cocoa and a movie of her choice. It’s going to be a great day! Stay warm and safe out there!

Battle of the Brush

Brusheez pexels-photo-298611.jpegEver tried to get your toddler to brush their teeth? You know the struggle. You try to sound as positive and fun as possible yet with every song you sing and every laugh you get the answer is still a resounding "NO!"  when you ask them to brush.  Fruit flavor, bubble gum, or grape can't help with this predicament so you resort to the less than great speed method to just get a swipe at those pearly whites.

This was me until I found out that her favorite characters have clips on brushing teeth. Now look at her….20180213_075418-1348858710.jpgShe loves Dave and Ava and Elmo. I let her watch them brush their teeth on the Internet and BOOM! Just like that she loves to brush her teeth now. She even sang, “Brush, Brush, Brush the teeth every, morning every night!” to me this morning.

Another thing that helps is having the Brusheez Children’s Electronic Toothbrush Set – Includes Battery-Powered Toothbrush, 2 Brush Heads, Cute Animal Head Cover, 2-Minute Sand Timer, Rinse Cup, and Storage Base – Jovie the Giraffe


This electronic toothbrush is great for kids with oral sensory issues too. The dentist recommends electronic toothbrushes so it’s a great purchase. Plus she loves the giraffe but if your child is into alligators , bears, or ponies they have those designs as well. I love how easy they are to use and how she wrinkles  her nose when it tickles. What are some of your tricks for healthy teeth hygiene? Thanks for reading.

Valentine’s Sensory


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! We decided to celebrate a little bit today. Sensory play was on the agenda. Valentine’s Sensory play is so much fun for everyone. Kids crave using their senses. It is nothing new to this family. Textures, smells, sounds, and tastes are all very interesting to children. Their health is improved mentally, physically, and emotionally when parents are involved in sensory activities with them.

Pinterest is my go to for anything these days. They have so many cool ideas to share with our family. I just search for something I want to do or learn about and instantly get thousands of ideas to pin. It’s days like this that warm my heart and soul. Angelica loved playing with everything I put together for her. Here is a list of items you will need to do the same.


Project 1 – Sensory Bin

  1. Large container – I chose a heart – shaped one I found at Wal-mart.
  2. Shaped confetti or cake sprinkles – I chose Valentine’s shapes like hearts, Roses, cupcakes, ect.
  3. Pom Poms – I found red, white, and pink ones at the dollar store.
  4. Candies that go with the theme
  5. Some sort of filler such as rice, beans, sand, sugar, or shredded paper, ect.

**Raw beans are poisonous so be sure to closely monitor your child if using them**

Mix the ingredients together in the container and let you child find the hidden treasures inside. I even grabbed a muffin tin and we separated them as we found each one. She had a blast and I got a big kiss on my cheek as a thank you. Win. Win.


Project 2 – Sensory Bag

  1. Ziplock bag
  2. All ingredients in project 1 except container
  3. Decorative (or not) Duct tape

Put the ingredients you wish into the ziplock bag and seal with the Duct tape. Voila ! That simple! Your child will think you are the best person in the world for doing these. Try it and let me know how it goes. Leave your comments below! Thanks and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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Book Worm


My heart feels like it’s going to explode every time I’m watching my sweet Angelica sit amongst all of her favorite books. She likes to wrap them all meticulously around her and let her little imagination run wild. She then goes on to tell the pieces of the stories that she remembers so fondly.

The picture above was taken on her first birthday. Strawberry shortcake was the theme. Her eyes were aglow as she entered the pole barn decorated with balloons and a ball pit.  She especially loved being with family but she could have sat there all day with that book absorbing all the pictures in front of her.

She learns so much from hearing the words spoken from mom, dad, and daycare. She knows it too! She goes around the house telling us she is smart. It’s adorable. We just agree and let her believe in herself. I’d say it is working too. She can sing almost every letter correctly in the traditional ABC song in order, can count to 10 easily and even try’s to count to 20 along with others, knows most shapes including hexagon and octagon (even though those two get mixed up every once in a while), and knows all of her basic colors already. She’s only 27 months old! Yeah, I am a proud parent. She’s amazing to me!

Here is a list of books that I read to her on a regular basis…

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Clifford The Big Red Dog
  • My Little Word Book
  • Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?
  • Goodnight Moon
  • Brown Bear, Brown  Bear, What do you see?
  • Llama Llama Red Pajama
  • Elmo’s Potty  Book
  • Big Red Barn
  • Pat the Bunny

These are great beginner books for baby, toddler and up. We read about three books a night and try to read a couple during days I have off. I found most of them under the first year curriculum of ABCJLM.  She is currently using this curriculum as a pre-pre K education. Daycare also has her learning the same concepts so she is able to absorb them well. They too notice her love of books. It’s her favorite corner in the room.

Does you toddler or child have a favorite book? Tell us in the comments below. Thanks for reading this blog!

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Sick Day

baby-teddy-bear-cute-39369.jpegAngelica has a 102.2 fever.  Great. No work for me today. That’s fine if it helps her feel better. Daycare doesn’t allow anything higher than 101.1 which is completely understandable. Last time my husband stayed home with her so it is my turn. No problem. Work may be hating me but family comes first.

Hi. I’m Grace, first time mother of an adorable little germ magnet toddler named Angelica. I work for a hospital in Big Sky Country Montana as a TCT pharmacy technician. She goes to daycare. DOUBLE Whammy FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

My goal is to some day be a stay at home parent. I believe she has encountered so many germs that an entire army could take a sick day. She started daycare at 3 months old and almost immediately began a cycle of never-ending disease. At least her first year was that bad. She had every cold, flu, pink eye and hand – foot – Continue reading “Sick Day”