Sick Day

baby-teddy-bear-cute-39369.jpegAngelica has a 102.2 fever.  Great. No work for me today. That’s fine if it helps her feel better. Daycare doesn’t allow anything higher than 101.1 which is completely understandable. Last time my husband stayed home with her so it is my turn. No problem. Work may be hating me but family comes first.

Hi. I’m Grace, first time mother of an adorable little germ magnet toddler named Angelica. I work for a hospital in Big Sky Country Montana as a TCT pharmacy technician. She goes to daycare. DOUBLE Whammy FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

My goal is to some day be a stay at home parent. I believe she has encountered so many germs that an entire army could take a sick day. She started daycare at 3 months old and almost immediately began a cycle of never-ending disease. At least her first year was that bad. She had every cold, flu, pink eye and hand – foot – mouth (not to be confused with hoof and mouth disease which is a cloven – Hoofed animal disease) that rotated through that place.

This has been quite the journey for me as Google has been my mother, friend, and enemy from day one. Every question that I have had has now been archived in  history I’m sure. Good thing the pediatrician was there to calm me down and set me straight when I handed him a list of things that I just knew where not right.

Angelica was born two years ago in October. Hunting season starts on her birthday. You guessed it. I lose my husband for a month starting on that day. He was there for her birth, half of her first birthday and most of her second thankfully. He said he wants to try for a boy now but it “has to be born out of season”. Ha! He thinks he can control these things!

(I’m not a medical doctor or nurse) I just want to give you some tips for sick days with a toddler that I have come to know so well ( mother, husband, Google or not) Here they are…

  1. Let them sleep and only wake them if they need fluid or something to eat.
  2. Give them plenty of water (age dependent) and/ or electrolyte drinks.
  3. Cuddle them and sing to them to help them feel secure.
  4. Break the 1 hour T.V. Rule just for the day and let them watch what they like.
  5. Chicken soup, chicken soup, chicken soup! (Even if it is just broth ) It has an antiviral in it that can help them heal quicker.
  6. Onions in the socks or children’s Vicks (age dependent). This helps clear congestion.
  7. Humidifiers will be your best defense. Use them.

I’d like to know your go to remedies and tips too. Please share in the comments below. Now back to (a wonderful website on YouTube for toddlers and preschoolers) and crackers and “juice” for me and my precious angel.


Twinkle on Stars


3 Replies to “Sick Day”

  1. Well as a first time mommy I think you are doing exceptionally well. Keep up the good work. Your instincts are in good working order and don’t worry doctor’s are there to help first time mom’s. By the time the next one comes your pretty much a expert. By the way treat yourself well also you have a special little girl counting on you!


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