Battle of the Brush

Brusheez pexels-photo-298611.jpegEver tried to get your toddler to brush their teeth? You know the struggle. You try to sound as positive and fun as possible yet with every song you sing and every laugh you get the answer is still a resounding "NO!"  when you ask them to brush.  Fruit flavor, bubble gum, or grape can't help with this predicament so you resort to the less than great speed method to just get a swipe at those pearly whites.

This was me until I found out that her favorite characters have clips on brushing teeth. Now look at her….20180213_075418-1348858710.jpgShe loves Dave and Ava and Elmo. I let her watch them brush their teeth on the Internet and BOOM! Just like that she loves to brush her teeth now. She even sang, “Brush, Brush, Brush the teeth every, morning every night!” to me this morning.

Another thing that helps is having the Brusheez Children’s Electronic Toothbrush Set – Includes Battery-Powered Toothbrush, 2 Brush Heads, Cute Animal Head Cover, 2-Minute Sand Timer, Rinse Cup, and Storage Base – Jovie the Giraffe


This electronic toothbrush is great for kids with oral sensory issues too. The dentist recommends electronic toothbrushes so it’s a great purchase. Plus she loves the giraffe but if your child is into alligators , bears, or ponies they have those designs as well. I love how easy they are to use and how she wrinkles  her nose when it tickles. What are some of your tricks for healthy teeth hygiene? Thanks for reading.


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